Hand knitted Cotton Face cloth are from Antjie's Handmade where small communities hand knit these beautiful cotton face cloths for you. I'm proud to bring these to you as they benefit small communities in Western Cape, South Africa as well as beautifully complimenting my handmade cleansing bars and face and body products. Made with sustainable cotton. I'm proud to help uplift the elderly in small communities in South Africa who have handmade these beautiful face cloths.


This is a must-have item to include in your daily cleansing routine. It's long lasting and provides gentle exfoliation every day. Don't forget to exfoliate - it's one of the most important things to do to bring brightness to your skin.

Hand knitted Cotton Face Cloth

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Antjies Handmade Naturals helps women in small communities in the Western Cape of South Africa by allowing them to create items for Antjies and earn a living. Everyone benefits from this initiative.

A beautiful, sustainable product that keeps on giving. It's a perfect complement to my handmade Cleansing Bars. It's very important to cleanse and exfoliate every day gently. My hand knitted cotton face cloth is re-usable and lasts for a really long time, particularly if left to air dry after each use. I keep mine on a hook in the bathroom near a window and it has kept now for years. I use it every day to gently exfoliate with my favourite cleansing bar.

Another way to use my hand knitted cotton face cloth is to make a mask. Place a few tablespoons of oatmeal on your cloth and add some boiled water to both in a bowl. When the water has cooled down to blood temperature squeeze out the excess water and place the soaked oatmeal onto your face while the face cloth drapes over your face. Leave for 5 minutes and rinse off. Rinse and re-use your face cloth again and again.