Natural Organic Cleansing Bars

Updated: Apr 24

I wonder if like me you’re curious what goes into soap these days? When I was young we used soap for many purposes including shower and laundry and there wasn’t a great deal of choice. Today there are many products available in the Supermarket and online but many contain Palm Oil which is quite often sourced using unsustainable farming practices. The other ingredients may not be very sustainable or good for our health and wellbeing too.

That’s why I have chosen to take the high road and use certified Organic oils in my Cleansing Bars. I source my base ingredients from New Directions Australia that are certified as true and pure. This makes my Cleansing Bars unique and trusted with the advantage of being a natural organic cleansing product.

I get to use my imagination when I craft my Cleansing Bars with my favourite essential oil and exfoliant ingredient. Rosemary is a favourite and that will be my next adventure ready for Anzac Day. Lest we forget our lost friends and family.

I really love to use mineral clays. The latest will be ready for my Woodstock Artisans Market in February 2021. It is available now - take a peek at my West Australian Sandalwood Cleansing Bar or Green Goddess Cleansing Bar (coming soon). They are shaped in beautiful hearts or bars with a river of West Australian Sandalwood or Green French Argile Clay. If only you could smell the divine scent.

My Cleansing Bars are a healthy choice with base ingredients that are high quality and that are made in small batches for my friends and customers. I don’t use palm oil as there’s too much of it used in so many products and why use it when I am making an artisan product based in organic coconut, sunflower and olive oils. I love these base ingredients and a chance to use my imagination for the remaining ingredients. Palm Oil is not really helping our Planet to stay in good shape.

I’m really happy with my new labelling on products. For my Cleansing Bars I have chosen to wrap simply and sustainably in green tissue paper with a descriptive label listing the natural ingredients in order of quantity. At my Market stall I use brown paper bags and for a special treat I provide my hand made calico bags that present well as a gift. Did you know that they take 8 weeks to cure and become my wonderful natural organic Cleansing Bars?

My natural Cleansing Bars retain valuable glycerine made in the process of curing. Glycerine stays in my natural and organic Cleansing Bars. Glycerine is taken out of inferior products. For your natural beauty needs it’s a must have providing you with added moisture.

As a result of COVID I have found my Cleansing Bars to work a treat. Personally, I just wash my hands with my Cleansing Bars when I return home as per WHO recommendations. That’s for at least 20 to 30 seconds and all over, front, back and between fingers!

My new soap dishes, hand made by @susanfahd, allow my Cleansing Bars to dry after each use. Susan is working on more as you read this. Ceramic wares take many weeks from start to finish giving you a beautiful one of a kind product.

All Cleansing Bar ingredients are vegan friendly too. I take pride in listing my ingredients on the label and on my website. The whole family can use my Cleansing Bars in the shower or bath and are easily transportable to the gym and pool. Cut a small piece and place it in a travel container or your towel and then let it air dry between workout sessions.

I hope to help our Planet in my own small way and get really clean!

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