Get Clean and Germ Free - why is it important to keep hands clean?

Updated: Nov 2

WHO International - Wash your hands
WHO International - Wash your hands

Have you read the World Health Organisation recommended tips for staying safe from COVID-19 (Coronavirus)? Good hygiene makes an huge difference in protecting yourself from the virus. By washing your hands regularly and thoroughly you will be helping to kill the viruses that may be on your hands.

To wash your hands thoroughly means that you must scrub for 20 to 30 seconds and get in all the bits like under your nails, all over and up to your wrist. A thorough scrub won't be achieved with a quick dip under the tap.

My Cleansing Bar produces a nice suds with just a little contact with water. It just takes a little to go a long way. Soap works by attaching and breaking down the fatty particles of the virus at its weakest link and are washed away down the drain.

Most soaps on the market today are full of synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances and OMG knows what! These inferior products can leave your skin dry and strip it of protective oils that keep your skin plump. My cleansing bars are made of pure organic botanical and essential oil ingredients. I have also added exfoliating Australian Kaolin White Clay and fine granules of Kakadu Plum or Aloe Vera. My cleansing bars put moisture back in your skin and are super-fatted. Good old fashioned soap contains glycerine. In todays mass produced soap the glycerine is taken out and not left in the product at all.

So come on, get clean and germ free now!

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