Sugar Scrub

Why are Handmade Organic Skincare Products the Way to Go?

There are plenty of amazing body products out there that can help to revitalise your skin. If you are just like us, then you've been dreaming of the perfect handmade organic skincare products to allow your complexion to glow while clearing out impurities. If you have ever had those thoughts, you've come to the right place. Today, we are going to introduce you to the benefits of our favorite sugar scrub here at Busy Bee Blossom!
Let's start our conversation by taking a close look at what exactly a sugar scrub is. When you typically think of sugar, you probably believe it is something that you should avoid. While it is true that you want to cut sugar from your diet when you can, that isn't the case when it comes to buying handmade organic skincare products. In fact, sugar is a wonderful and natural humectant that pulls moisture from the surrounding environment before directing it into your skin! Sugar-based body products are amazing for revitalising dry or ailing skin that could use a boost in moisture.
Sugar scrubs are a great way to exfoliate your hands, feet and body. What's more, sugar scrubs are ideal for protecting your skin from toxicity while actively de-aging your skin in the process. Incorporating a sugar scrub into your nightly skincare routine can be one of the best decisions that you make, at least as it pertains to your beauty routine. If you are sold on the idea of a great handmade sugar scrub, let's direct you to one of our best products!
Here at Busy Bee Blossom, we take great pride in offering our customers products that stand the test of time. Our Cinnamon Sugar Scrub possesses only the finest natural ingredients available. We use raw Australian sugar as the base of our scrub, and we combine it with grape seed and wheat germ oil. This sugar scrub can be used anywhere from two to three times per week on your body in order to enjoy the most comprehensive benefits. You can use your sugar scrub on just your hands and feet or you can opt to use it for your entire body. The scrub actively works out those layers of dirt that create impurities beneath your skin. The scrub also introduces beneficial oil to your body, thus helping your skin to recover.

When you shop here at Busy Bee Blossom, you are signing up for a natural and tailor-made experience. We hand make all of our products at home in Summer Hill, NSW Australia. We focus on minimal packaging and natural ingredients so that you can enjoy a product that makes you look as good as you feel. We are currently offering free shipping on our products for purchases over $30, so take a gander at what we have to offer!