Natural Candles Australia

Eco Friendly and Natural Candles Can Improve Your Home's Style

There is nothing quite like walking into a room that has been decorated with fragrant, natural, and eco friendly candles. Perhaps it is a callback to the intimacy of yesteryear, or maybe it is an outward sign of relaxation, but a well-placed and natural candle can have a profound impact on the demeanor of a room. If you are looking to add style and substance to your home without sacrificing your affinity for natural products, you've come to the right shop. Here at Busy Bee Blossom, we are proud to offer a selection of candles that are built from scratch out of natural ingredients, sustainable materials, and renewable sources. Our focus is on providing you with something that you will love as much for the scent as for the way the product was created! If this sounds good to you, grab onto your bags because we are taking you on a tour. Pay attention, you'll find some of the best natural candle products that Busy Bee Blossom has to offer!
In order to showcase our best products, we are going to take a tour through all of our eco scents soy candles. Let's start by stopping by our Soy Candle - Kakadu Plum. This scented natural candle utilises soy wax that has been scented with Kakadu Plum. This candle will remind you of afternoons beneath the plum tree with the wind in your face and a calming scent in your nose. The brightest notes of this natural candle will have you recall several fruits, including strawberry and pineapple, before the middle and base notes come into the equation. Among the other notes that you'll enjoy are the floral scents of violet and gardenia as well as the more natural tones derived from balsam, cinnamon, tonka bean, and coconut. This candle is scented from ingredients found throughout northern Australia, so you can take to your home a piece of the region that we are based out of! This candle is available in gold travel tins with a burn time of 25 to 30 hours.
As we continue our tour of natural candles, we come to a stop in front of the Rose Geranium Soy Candle. Perfect for use as wedding candles, the Rose Geranium soy candle is built from a foundation of eco friendly soy wax. With warm yet feminine scents that are distinct to Southern Africa, your Rose Geranium soy natural candle will impart delicate notes of rosewood and lemon peel before the cinnamon leaf, rose petals, geranium and leaf green pokes through. We create these natural candles with a perfected scent concentration which tends to sit around 8%. Thanks to the soy wax that we use, this candle will burn bright and emit a beautiful glow in your home. The clean and calm burn is significantly less toxic than any petroleum candle products you will find. What's more, this candle is all natural, plant-based, and sourced from renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable elements. What more could you want from your wedding candles, right?
We will round out our tour of the top eco scents soy candles in our store by stopping at the Lavender and Mint soy natural candle. This scented soy wax candle consists of fused eco scents that combine lavender with peppermint and spearmint. This bright and uplifting natural candle is perfect for bringing a splash of energy to any room that you set it in. This candle burns warm while giving off a delicate scent that does not overpower you, instead opting to gently relax you. Like the other natural candles that we have discussed, this soy candle is available in gold travel tins with a burn time of 25 to 30 hours. Remember to never leave your candle unattended when a fire is lit. We also find that these natural candles work best when burned for no more than four or so hours at a time.

If you are tired of looking for amazing natural candles that have been ethically sourced, made in Australia and sustainably derived, we are ready to help you out. Here at Busy Bee Blossom, we are entirely focused on providing our customers with high-quality products that are simple to make and wonderful to behold. We hope that our natural candles serve to brighten your day as well as the room that you set them in. We are currently offering free shipping on our products for purchases over $30, so now is a great time to stock up on natural candles for the holidays!