Tea Tree and Lemon Foot Balm is handmade by Busy Bee Blossom in Summer Hill, NSW marrying the antiseptic and antibacterial qualities of tea tree and lemon with skin softening body butters and oils. It’s very natural with no preservatives. Very moisturising. Simple and effective handmade all Australian balm. Tea Tree and Lemon Foot Balm has a gorgeous yellow creamy colour and is perfectly packaged in a travel canister.

Our feet really work hard and need special attention and dedicated treatment from time to time. Simple and effective botanical oils soften hard skin and are given an antibacterial and antiseptic hit of Australian TeaTree and Lemon essential oils. The vegetable oils absorb very quickly into skin after a warm shower or bath leaving you ready to face another day.

Tea Tree and Lemon Foot Balm

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Sweet Almond Oil will quickly penetrate the skin and is rich in essential fatty acids & vitamins A & E.

Cocoa Butter leaves your skin soft and smooth, gives long lasting protection and is high in Vitamin E.

Shea Butter soothes and reduces skin irritation and also revitalises the appearance of the skin.

Beeswax is all organic and has a beautiful fragrance of blossoms. Just note that because beeswax and Cocoa butter become more liquid in warm weather you may find this product will granulise.

Lemon oil helps circulation and can be effective in softening tough skin.

Tea Tree oil is obtained from a native Australian tree from the steam distillation of leaves and twigs. It has amazing antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic properties as well as being a known remedy for corns (or tough skin on our feet).

This product is handmade in small batches by Busy Bee Blossom here in Summer Hill, NSW and has a beautiful smell.

Free from artificial fragrance, colourants, parabens, animal products and no cruelty inflicted on animals. No need for preservative as this is a balm.