Lavender Tattoo Balm is all Australian, handmade and all natural. Your body art is worth looking after well with my Tattoo Balm. The organic ingredients really enhance colour and moisturise skin.

This product is made locally by Busy Bee Blossom in Summer Hill, NSW in small batches with blossom fragrance of lavender. Lavender helps to aid the process of skin repair. My lavender oil is pure essential oil so its gentle and very effective. Just a little goes a long way with a scent that is refreshing and vibrant.

It's very natural with no preservatives and vegan suitable. Free from artificial fragrance, colourants, parabens, animal products and no cruelty inflicted on animals. Other tattoo balms use petroleum products because they're inexpensive. I prefer to use beautiful natural ingredients instead.

Helps to relieve the initial itchiness after getting your tattoo by calming redness and the urge to scratch. Also helps to brighten and keep existing tattoo colours vivid and skin moisturised.

Lavender Tattoo Balm

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Argan Oil has amazing benefits for your skin. It's a perfect skin conditioner and contains both Oleic to help increase moisture and reduce redness and linoleic fatty acid to increase skin flexibility and penetration.

Cocoa Butter leaves your skin soft and smooth, gives long lasting protection and is high in Vitamin E.

Shea Butter soothes and reduces skin irritation and also revitalises the appearance of the skin.

Sweet Almond Oil will quickly penetrate the skin and is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins A and E.

Beeswax is all organic and has a beautiful fragrance of blossoms. Just note that because beeswax and Cocoa butter become more liquid in warm weather you may find this product will granulise. In fact, Cocoa Butter has a melting point like human body temperature. Just place a small quantity in the palm of your hand and let it melt before applying.

This product is handmade locally in Australia in small batches and the blossom influence is lavender. Lavender helps to promote healing, soothes and helps to speed tissue repair.

It’s very natural with no preservatives. Free from artificial fragrance, colourants, parabens, animal products and no cruelty inflicted on animals. Many other tattoo after-care products contain petroleum and synthetic ingredients. Mine doesn’t - it’s pure and a natural alternative for looking after your skin.

This balm is also very moisturising for all your body too. Use it on your hair, nails and all over. Lavender Tattoo Balm is the best for hair and beard treatment on the go. Its very versatile and easily packs into your bag for use all day long.