Hand-poured Kakadu Plum scented coconut and soy wax candle. Head North to Broome and relax under the Kakadu Plum tree. The scent is sweet and heavenly. Very uplifting and bright. 

Top Notes: Passion fruit, lime, pineapple, strawberry

Middle Notes: Violet, gardenia, melon, guava

Base Notes: Tonka bean, coconut, balsam, cinnamon

Coconut Soy Candle - Kakadu Plum

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Kakadu Plum scented soy candle - very uplifting with the sweet citrus notes of passionfruit and guava and a base of coconut and Tonka Bean. Kakadu Plum is the fruit from the tree that grows in Australia's North. It has a green fruit reminisent of a plum. Native Australians have been picking it around Broome for all long as they can remeber. It is packed in Vitamin C and is an Australian superfood.

Just a few smart tricks to make your candle last longer! Make sure you trim the wick to 2 to 3 mm before you burn again. It is best to burn your candles away from pets and childern and on a steady surface away for flamable materials. Burn your candles for 4 hours at a time so that the wax will not pool to the centre of the candle and miss catching the wax on the edges.

I use quality wicks and this is really important in getting the longest burn time from your candle.

The warm glow produced by this candle is beautiful. Choices include my Rose Gold Travel Tin and soon to come Ceramic Kiln Fired Pots. Once the candle has finished the vessel can be re-purposed and used in other ways around your home.

Re-purpose the candle when 5 mm wax remains, and re-use your beautiful travel tin or ceramic pot. Hot soapy water will remove wax residue and and the gorgeous vessels are perfect for tea or coffee cups, vases and pantry storage!

I create my candles with just the right amount of scent which is optimally 8%. No more and no less creates the right level of aroma for your home. Not triple scented -just right. 

Kakadu Plum is the choice for Becca and Chris Wedding Day. All My Love Forever!

Soy wax burns cooler and thus lasts longer than other candles. Soy wax generally burns 20-40% longer than a paraffin candle. Soy wax is cleaner burning and is less toxic than petroleum based candles. Easy to clean up wax spills with just hot water and soap.

Coconut Soy wax is:

  • Australian made
  • 100% plant-based!
  • All Natural!
  • Free of animal products!
  • Sustainable, Renewable and Biodegradable!
  • Free of Pesticide, Herbicide residue and Petroleum products!

Although we would like to call the wax organic, no solid wax made from liquid plant oil can ever be considered organic. By process of the change from liquid to wax state this rules out this classification.