An amazing new addition has arrived today from Antjie's Handmade. I've waited a long time to get these but the wait is over and they're truly beautiful. As well as functional and complimentary to keeping your skin buffed and beautiful.


Antjie's Handmade uplifts and empowers elderly women in local communities in South Africa. It makes me happy to contrubute to these lovely ladies and bring you a gorgeous pure cotton shower mitt that keeps on keeping on.


Pure cotton shower mitts are made from sustainable cotton. Good for our Earth too. It's nice to  allow creativity and look after our planet too


Pure Cotton Shower Mitt

SKU: 12420293361759

Team this with Ocean Cleansing Bar / Soap or West Australian Sandalwood Cleansing Bar to extend the life of your cleansing bar / soap. Soap + Shower Mitt make great friends in the shower or bath by gently cleansing and exfoliating together.


Use your Pure Cotton Shower Mitt to gently wipe away my Blossom Vitamin Moisturising Mask I use a mask weekly to draw impurities away from facial skin and brighten up the day. The botanical oils soften and moisturise face too.

Its also nice to use my Pure Cotton Shower Mitt after using my Cinnamon Sugar Scrub just to give a final buff and exfoliation treatment in a warm shower or bath.