Persian Rose Repair Body Cream is handmade by Busy Bee Blossom in Summer Hill, NSW.

This body cream is an ultra-rich, long-lasting moisture treatment to replenish and repair extra-dry skin. Pure Rose Otto (Damaskan Rose) essential oil provides a stunning sweet, vanilla, clovey fragrance with this single note scented luxury ingredient. This vegetable-based emulsion is easy to spread and quickly absorbed, leaving the skin nourished, toned and hydrated. Only pure essential and botanical oils used. Perfect for dry, sensitive and mature skin.

Beautiful gift box presentation to bring you happiness and joy. All recyclable materials.

Persian Rose Repair Body Cream

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Grapeseed oil is extracted from Muscat grape seeds. Did you know that if it's good enough to eat it's likely to be good on your skin too? It's true - grapeseed oil is good for you on the outside too! Grapeseed oil is high in omega-6 fatty acids, Vitamins C and E making it a very healthy choice for your skin. It helps to form a barrier for your skin against wind and pollutants. Grapeseed oil doesn't clog pores so its a good choice for all types of skin. It also contains linolenic acid which may help to reduce inflammation in skin.

Jojoba Oil closely resembles skin's sebum, is easily absorbed and is high in Vitamin E making it a wonderful addition to this cream.

Rose Otto is the most revered of all essential oils. It is extracted from fresh rose petals and takes an enormous quantity of roses to make a very small quantity of essential oil. It has a sweet, vanilla, clovey fragrance. A little goes a long way like all essential oils. It is a costly ingredient but worth it. Rose Otto is particularly beneficial for sensitive and mature skin.

Did you know that Coco Chanel uses rose absolute in her Chanel No. 5 fragrance? Coco recognised that good design starts with luxury ingredients like rose. My Persian Rose Repair Body Cream is taking a lesson from this great lady with just a single-note floral of Rose Otto.

Parfum provides a natural vegetable-based preservative and has a beautiful vanilla and almond scent.

Ceteareth-20 and Cetearyl alcohol help to emulsify oil and water together or in other words, keep them from separating. Cetearyl alcohol also helps to slow down skin water loss and maintains hydration. It's a double plus giving moisture and body to my cream.

Re-use the amber glass jar after you've finished. Look after our Earth and use it as a vase or herb jar.

Free from artificial fragrance, colourants, parabens, animal products and no cruelty inflicted on animals.