Multi-Active Enzyme Exfoliator is new in from Elixir Fusion. Elixir Fusion uses plant-based ingredients for your skin. Trusted in South Africa now since 1999 this is my go-to range for botanical skincare. With amazing ingredients including Aloe Ferox which is native to South Africa and a close relative to Aloe Vera. This plant is not well known in Australia yet but Aloe Ferrox is well known in South Africa for its healing properties. A must have healing and rejuvenating exfoliating treatment.

Multi-Active Enzyme Exfoliator

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This multi-active enzyme exfoliator offers a mild skin peel that gently removes dead skin cells using the lightly stimulating action of bamboo granules, fruit acids and papaya enzymes. Rich in antioxidants, it repairs stressed and damaged skin. Aloe ferox gel feeds the freshly exfoliated skin, offering a smoother, brighter complexion. Perfectly suited to mature or delicate skins, and gentle enough for frequent use. Vegan suitable.


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