Handmade Organic Cotton Muslin Face Cloth made by Busy Bee Blossom in Summer Hill , NSW.

Cotton muslin is a beautiful material that is soft and breathable.  For a new born baby it's the favoured material to use for a baby wrap as it's safe and breathable. I have created my face cloth using organic cotton muslin because there is a vast difference in its manufacture compared to it's chemically produced counterpart.

Muslin is a preferred material for face cloth as it's very gentle, just like for a new born baby. My handmade organic cotton muslin face cloth can be teamed with my organic cleansing bars and Camellia Ultra Hydrating Face Oil.

This is a must-have item to include in your daily cleansing routine. It's long lasting and provides gentle exfoliation every day.  There no need to purchase disposable face masks - just apply my Blossom Vitamin Moisturising Mask to your face and let it soak into your skin with a dampened Organic Cotton Muslin Cloth draped over for a few minutes. 

Handmade Organic Cotton Muslin Face Cloth

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Team this with West Australian Sandalwood Cleansing Bar or Blossom Vitamin Moisturising Mask. Moisten your Organic Muslin Face Cloth with warm water and gently massage in a circular motion while the Cleansing bar or mask works. Use the warm moistened face cloth to wipe away dead skin cells and grime. 

A beautiful, sustainable product that keeps on giving. There are many reasons to use organic cotton on your skin. Some of these reasons include:

  • less chemicals and pesticide in the production of organic cotton.
  • less water is used in growing organic cotton and less pesticide and toxic chemicals are released into surrounding waterways and environment.
  • in producing cotton for textiles that we wear there are some toxic chemicals used to bleach or whiten the cotton. This is not the case for Organic cotton.
  • better alternative if your skin is sensitive.
  • muslin is super soft
  • its expensive because organic farming requires certification and takes time for earning recognition.
  • sustainable because its re-usable and can be gently hand or machine washed.

Another thing I love to do is place a cooled cloth on my face on a hot day. Or place a warmed cloth on my face now that the weather is cold. Skin will feel good, fresh and plumped!