Handknitted Jute Exfoliating Mitts are new and just in from Antjie's Handmade where small communities hand knit these beautiful jute mitts for you. I'm proud to bring these to you as they benefit small communities in Western Cape, South Africa as well as beautifully complimenting my handmade cleansers and face and body products.

It’s a great accompaniment to many of my products and is designed to gently exfoliate the skin all over. Use it with my Eucalyptus Cleansing Bar to create gentle moisturising bubbles. It only needs a little bit to create a nice lather.

I use my body glove every day in the bath and shower and I take it to the pool and use it after a swim to gently buff away dead skin cells. Just dampen my Handknitted Jute Exfoliating Mitt with warm water, work up a lather and use small circular motions to buff all over your body.

Leave it to hang in the bathroom – there’s a cute handknitted loop too. It lasts a very long time when left to air dry after use.

This is an essential accessory for your daily scrub! Regular exfoliation is a very important part of my health and beauty routine.

Jute is a 100% natural fibre. There’s no synthetic material in my body glove.

Handknitted Jute Exfoliating Mitts

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Antjies Handmade Naturals helps women in small communities in the Western Cape of South Africa by allowing them to create items for Antjies and earn a living. Everyone benefits from this initiative.

A beautiful, sustainable product. Jute is a natural fibre that is spun from the plants outer skin. It has been used throughout the centuries and is second only to cotton as a natural fibre. My mitts have a strong, loose and flexible weave that is soft enough to be gentle on your skin.


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