Cinnamon Sugar Scrub

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Cinnamon Sugar Scrub contains only natural ingredients and is handmade by Busy Bee Blossom in Summer Hill, NSW. Australian brown sugar is combined with Grapeseed oil, Wheatgerm oil for Vitamin E and inspirational essential oils. Exfoliate the hands, feet or the whole body - it leaves the skin feeling smooth and moisturised. Use it 2 to 3 times per week to get the benefits of glowing smooth skin.

This scrub is very beneficial for those who work in the garden or outside as it will gently rub away the outer dirt layers and put back beneficial oils into your skin.

Smells divine!

  • More Details

    The Australian brown sugar & cinnamon provide a wonderful exfoliant. Smells just like cinnamon toast! It’s a good thing to do 2 to 3 times per week because exfoliation assists in removing the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal a more even and fresh skin layer. The moisturising oils compliment this process by adding back oils to the outer layer of skin and by penetrating the lower layer of skin. The essential oils add an uplifting inspirational scent.

    Grapeseed oil is extracted from muscat raisin seeds to produce a highly moisturising body oil that has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and anti-oxidant properties. Both Grapeseed and Wheatgerm oil are high in omega chain fatty acids and vitamin E. These botanical oils are very replenishing and quite safe to use on your skin.

    Cinnamon bark is finely ground and added with sugar providing a healthy exfoliant that enhances spiritual healing and awareness. In cooking cinnamon contains high levels of ant-oxidants making it a very healthy choice. It has ant-inflammatory properties too and has been proven to repair tissue damage. Spices have been used for centuries to provide beautiful aroma and flavour to our food. Using a small amount as an exfoliant also provides us with skin health benefits.

    The essential oils will help you get creative and leave your skin moisturised and enlivened. Mandarin enhances inspiration and peacefulness; Eucalyptus Radiata provides an Australian Eucalyptus bush aroma with slight citrus overtones; Lemongrass for awareness and vitality; Cardamom enhances concentration and clarity of thought and Peppermint for self-empowerment.

    Free from artificial fragrance, colourants, parabens, animal products and no cruelty inflicted on animals.

  • Usage

    Gently massage into damp skin and rinse off with warm water. The grapeseed oil will keep your skin soft and supple. This pouch will last for 5 to 6 treatments. Use a dry spoon to place a tablespoon in your hands before use. 

    Use a circular motion to massage into your damp skin while you shower or bathe. Pay particular attention to rough and dry skin around elbows, hands, feet and knees. Please be gentle around delicate and sensitive skin on the collarbone and chest. And don't use immediately after shaving or hair removal as it may be soon to exfoliate. 

  • Ingredients

    In order of quantity are: Australian brown sugar, Grapeseed Oil, Wheatgerm oil, Cinnamon, Mandarin, Eucalyptus Radiata*, Lemongrass, Cardamom and Peppermint (* Certified Organic)

  • Aromatic Cinnamon

    Ayurveda, Knowledge of Life, has a goal of alleviating human suffering. The sages of the Ayurveda saw that all wellness and health was an integral part of a whole mind, body and spirit. Ayurveda looks to the natural world around us and from plants used by people since the beginning of history.

    Cinnamon is one of the three aromatics used in medicine to give its beautiful taste and aroma. Cinnamon is used to flovour food both sweet and savory, like rice, lentil and cakes.Cinnamon is the dried inner bark of a tropical evergreen tree native to India. In Ayurvedic medicine it has been used as a tonic for the heart. It is also commonly used to inhale as a vapour for coughs, colds and sore throats.

    Cinnamon Sugar Scrub uses fresh ground Cinnamon bark - use it in the shower or bath for a beautiful tonic treatment.



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