Just a few left now and perfect for keeping your product clean and free of contaminants that may be lurking on your fingers. My ceramic spoons are handmade by @susanfahd here in Newtown, NSW at Project Snail

Did you know that germs are floating around us all the time and product can be easily go off when wet fingers are placed in creams and scrubs. So try to keep your fingers out and use one of my ceramic spoons to distribute my Persian Rose Repair Body Cream or Cinnamon Sugar Scrub.

The colours are amazing in durable and long lasting stoneware. These spoons will work hard for you in your beauty tool kit as well as anywhere else in your home. Made with Love for you.

As each spoon is unique and one-of-a-kind their length varies - they range from 11 to 12 cms each!

Ceramic Spoons

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Usage: Use a spoon to take the desired amount of body cream or sugar scrub to your skin. It's a nice way to allow for a clean application of product to your skin.