Hand made ceramic soap dish - bisque fired locally at Project Snail by @susanfahd. My soap dishes compliment my hand made Eucalyptus Oil Cleansing Bar or Sweet Orange and Lemon Cleansing Bar with Aloe Vera or Kakadu Plum. It's a beautiful addition to your home decor.

Stoneware ceramics are an age old method of firing clay taken from the Earth to produce an item which is durable and elegant. Each ceramic soap dish is a one of a kind unique item. Each one beautiful in it’s own way. 

The ceramic soap dishes have a hole or grooves to allow my Cleansing Bars to air dry freely to maintain shape.

Ceramic Soap Dish

Soap Dish Type

Usage: Place a Cleansing Bar in your Ceramic Soap Dish and allow it to air dry between usage. The glycerine content makes your Cleansing Bar a gentle addition to your cleansing routine. By complimenting with a Soap Dish your Soap will last well.