Blossom Bath Soak

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Blossom Bath Soak is the most relaxing bath soak here in Summer Hill, NSW. Run a bath with warm water and pour in about 50 to 100 grams of Blossom Bath Soak. Swish it around with your toes and then relax into it. The soak scent will immerse your senses with beautiful essential oils. The epsom salt will really soften your skin. If you want to add the whole pouch to your bath, that's OK too. But it may be better to try a small amount first and increase progressively over time. Of course its not to be ingested! This is to soak in only. 

Blossom Bath Soak can also be used as a foot soak to relieve tired and sore feet.

Epsom Salts (mineral salts of magnesium sulphate) help to relieve sore and aching muscles as they are detoxifying and relaxing. The minerals in Epsom Salts will be absorbed by your skin, helping you to relax and get a better rest. Magnesium sulphate is known to soften your skin and will help to lower blood pressure and increase circulation. All these healthy benefits are part and parcel of the detoxifying benefits of Epsom Salts.

My Blossom Bath Soak has a blend of various essential oils. Just the right quantity is added to each pouch. Essential oils are potent and concentrated - just a little goes a long way. The health benefits of essential oils have been recorded going back to Ancient Greece. Theophrastus taught us that aromas have a healing effect and help us in our thought processes and feelings. Go Theo! The ancient Romans further developed the science and understanding of the power of aroma in relation to our health.

The beautiful blend includes essential oils of Orange Sweet, Cedarwood Atlas, Ylang Ylang (1st grade), Lime and Neroli. Just like companion planting in the garden and in perfume, when essential oils are mixed together in the right way, beautiful things happen.

Orange Sweet essential oil adds a beautiful citrus blossom fragrance. It has a sweet, uplifting fragrance and is used in the treatment of stress related disorders.

Cerarwood Atlas essential oil is slightly sweet and woody and helps to ease sadness and nervous tension.

Ylang Ylang (1st grade) is known as the flower of flowers. First grade provides a superior aroma. It comes from a tree native to Philipines and the Far East and has a heavy, sweet, exotic and balmsamic scent. 

Lime essential oil is zesty and tangy, sharp and citrus. It too is uplifting and bright and effective in helping to combat stress.

Neroli essential oil is from the flower of the bitter orange tree native to Asia. It has a floral and sweet scent and will help to improve sleep.

  • Product Information

    Blossom Bath Soak is:

    • all natural
    • free of chemicals
    • free of preservatives
    • not tested on animals
    • tested on me and my friends
    • Australian made and sourced
    • my favorite!
  • Usage

    Run a warm bath and swish in about one quarter of contents into water. Slide yourself in and enjoy the relaxation.

    You may choose to increase the quantity added to your bath the next time - it's up to you.

    If you don't have a bath then place your feet in a foot tub and use as a foot soak. Soak your feet for 10 to 20 minutes, pay dry and work in a small quantity of Persian Rose Repair Body Cream or Tea Tree and Lemon Foot Balm.

  • Ingredients

    Stand up pouch contains: Magnesium Suphate, Orange sweet, Cedarwood Atlas, Ylang Ylang (1st grade), Lime and Neroli.



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