The Changing Seasons - how it affects our skin resilience

Updated: Jan 16

Bergamot and Banksia soy candle remind me of this Banksia bush while out walking in Noosa
Banksia bush in Noosa with its beautiful candles

I have just travelled to the Sunshine Coast. I found that the change in temperature from warm to cold has made my lips sensitive and cracked. Air conditioning in the office can also make skin feel dry and uncomfortable. An air flight can have the same effect leaving your skin feeling parched and dry.

The solution is to apply natural skincare products free from harmful, chemical preservatives. These skincare products will moisturise and protect skin without harming your skin. Our skin absorbs up to 60% of the ingredients placed on it. Natural skincare protects skin and should be free from harmful chemicals. An example of how our skin absorbs product is the nicotine patch. A nicotine patch will help a smoker quit by providing a steady dose of nicotine.

Some ingredients in skincare products could be irritating to skin. Like parabens, which are chemical preservatives, found in many skincare products. Parabens mimic the hormone estrogen. Many people are sensitive to paraben and can have a allergic reaction to it. So it’s important to read the ingredients list and stay informed of what’s in a product before applying it to your skin.

Natural skincare – simple but effective treatments

I like to keep my skincare as natural as possible. I choose to use simple but effective and time-tested ingredients that work. My Honey Argan Lip Balm is an example. It worked a treat to relieve my chapped lips as the weather went from cold to hot. It happened so quickly when I travelled up to the Sunshine Coast. Honey Argan Lip Balm doesn’t have to applied only when the going gets tough. One of my friends has used my Honey Argan Lip Balm on her babies' sensitive nappy rash and it has worked well too. Honey acts as a humectant, drawing moisture to skin. The super nourishing butters moisturise and create a barrier on the skin. Moisture stays in the skin while providing a barrier to nasties. But it will still allow your skin freedom to breathe. Lavender and the delicious blend of butters and botanical oils are warm and soft on your skin.

I create Honey Argan Lip Balm by hand. I will include pure Australian honey from Sunshine Coast, Queensland in my next batch.

Muscle relaxing treats

After swimming, I love to indulge in a nice relaxing Sweet Orange Blossom Bath Soak. It contains Magnesium sulphate, also known as Epsom salt. Epsom Salt soothes and relaxes tired and hardworking muscles. It relieves aches and pains and helps to release lactic acid build-up in overused muscles. It’s also very good for tired, aching, or swollen feet. Hands too. If you’ve been on your feet all day, this one’s for you.

Try this for a fun idea. Fill a plastic tub with warm water and place half a cup of Sweet Orange Blossom Bath Soak in with 2 to 3 marbles. Let your feet soak for 15 minutes and then massage the legs and feet. Use upward stokes and circle back down to your feet. Grab the marbles with your toes and massage them under your feet.

Pamper yourself

Kids love a bubble bath for fun and creating bubble sculptures. Citrus Blossom Bubble Bath is new and a favourite for adults too. My bubble bath contains no silicone, artificial colours, paraben and sulphates.

The Avocado Oil allows for deep moisturisation of skin. There are 5 blends of essential oils to choose from. Of the many essential oils to choose from, I have chosen ones that are my favourites. All blends make a beautiful scent and enhance well-being.

Let the bubbles set your imagination to work and float away in bliss.

Natural moisture for your skin

After a bath or shower, skin needs some extra moisturising oils. An all-natural skin conditioner is an essential daily treatment. It helps to improve the skin’s barrier function by:

  • preventing moisture from evaporating and

  • sealing in moisture.

A bath oil or body cream lubricates the skin and improves skin elasticity. Applying a moisturiser every day, such as a body oil or balm, will help to keep you skin in peak condition.

I love to swim but I know the chemicals in pools can be overpowering. I like to keep fit by having some regular gentle exercise like swimming or walking. I know that I will need to keep a barrier from external irritants on my skin and hair. I always use Blossom Argan Oil which is 100% pure and certified organic. It takes a few drops to moisturise my face and hair before swimming. I also use it as a morning facial cleansing and moisture treatment each day.

On my body I use my Persian Rose Repair Body Cream. I find that it is very helpful in keeping my skin moisturised all day and I love the beautiful scent.

Pure rose otto essential oil, extracted by steam distillation of the damask rose, helps to:

  • enhance love, harmony and awareness and

  • reduce feelings of despair, sorrow and emotional trauma.

Pure rose otto essential oil is a precious and costly essential oil.

Keep hydrated

It’s so important for you and your skin to keep hydrated too! Water makes up approximately 70% of our body. The skin is a very large organ in our body. Drink water throughout the day. Keep hydrated so that the dermis layer of skin is elastic and supple.

Water is great, but for a change, I love herbal teas like Rooibos Chai. It has a gorgeous taste anytime of the day and smells divine. Chai contains Ayurvedic herbs like cloves, cinnamon, and anise. Keeping well hydrated is one part of a holistic approach to improving our wellbeing.

Warm glow of candlelight

It's nice to go with the seasons and snuggle up with a candle glowing in the lounge room while you read or have a bath. Winter is time to celebrate the falling leaves. Wood hearth fires and sleepy cuddly warm nights bring us inside our home. My favourite candle is Bergamot and Banksia. I hand pour each candle and use beautiful coconut and soy wax with cotton wicks. Each candle lasts for approximately 15 to 20 hours.

I hope that you will enjoy these warm Sunshine Coast snaps. I hope my handmade treats will bring some joy into your home soon.

enjoying the change of season at East Ballina Beach
Winter sun over East Ballina Beach

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