10 easy ways to simplify your daily cleansing routine!

Updated: Jan 28

Louise - thinking about how to simplify the day
Hey I'm thinking how to simplify my day!

Simplify your Day

Life can be a bit rushed at times. Here are a few tips to simplify the start of your daily cleansing routine:

1. It just takes a few minutes to cleanse and moisturise. It’s a vitally important start to your day. Set aside five minutes to indulge your senses in the shower with my Cinnamon Sugar Scrub. A sugar scrub with botanical oils will gently exfoliate while moisturising your skin. Gently rub my Cinnamon Sugar Scrub all over your body with a small circular motion in the warmth of a morning shower. Rinse away for fresh clean skin.

2. Lather up with my Cleansing Bars made with organic botanical oils and drawing clays. My Cleansing Bars are super-fatted and retain natural glycerine to add moisture back to your skin.

3. Use a soft face cloth to gently exfoliate your body. Buffing your body stimulates cell renewal and feels nice and fresh. Choose from my Handmade Organic Cotton Muslin Face Cloth, Pure Cotton Shower Mitt or Hand knitted Cotton Face Cloth

4. Water the garden or your plants. Just a few minutes a day to give something back to Nature.

5. Have a drink of water for yourself too. It’s a vital for our best health.

6. Speaking of a healthy living try a simple whole oat porridge for breakfast with a sprinkle of dried fruit and sunflower seeds for some extra vitamins.

7. Cut up some fresh papaya for breakfast or a snack and place a portion of the papaya skin on your nose to let the fruit enzymes work of softening and drawing out impurities from pores. That’s flesh side down on your skin. It surprisingly feels nice and works a treat.

8. Work on thinking about your daily positive affirmation for today while you cut up your papaya. That’s a positive step for your thoughts for today. You can only try to do your best to make it happen and tomorrow is always there to try again if you don’t succeed.

9. Put aside some time in your busy day for a walk, run, gym or swim. Place a few drops of Blossom Pure Moroccan Argan Oil on your skin and hair to protect and condition while out in the sun, wind, or rain. It also works by providing your skin and hair with a protective barrier from chemicals in the pool.

10. If you have the time to relax in a bath at the end of the day that’s OK too. It’s one of life’s little luxuries.

For just a few minutes a day, every day, the benefit will be so worth it. I try to keep to this routine every day. I hope this will provide you with some good ideas to simplify your daily cleansing routine too.

“The greatest ideas are the simplest.” — William Golding from Lord of the Flies.

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