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Updated: Mar 27

Relax with some me-time at home
Relax with some me-time

I am finding myself at home a lot more these days. As a result, I am getting lots more done at home and keeping up with my To Do List. That’s great - I hope it’s the same for you too.

Some of the things I love to do when I have some time to spare are taking a long bath, going for a bush walk, reading a book or playing guitar. Here are some ideas for you to try while at home to help you to relax.


A quick and wonderful way to start your day is with my Cinnamon Sugar Scrub. The warmth of the shower and steam in the bathroom will allow the fresh scents to release into the air and it just smells beautiful. With essential oils of Mandarin, Eucalyptus Radiata, Lime, Lemongrass, Cardamom and Peppermint you'll be in for a treat. The sugar and cinnamon gently exfoliate away dead skin cells and Grapeseed oil moisturises, renews and refreshes. It's also great for bath time luxury too.


My Blossom Bath Oil is a sumptuous bathing treat with botanical oils of sweet almond and apricot kernel - providing a heavenly hit of moisture. One of my favourite essential oils is ylang ylang and it’s in the heart of my Blossom Bath Oil. Flowers and fragrance are so important to me. Another favourite is Neroli, the pulse of my Blossom Bath Oil, providing a floral and bittersweet tone. This bath oil is versatile enough to use just a few drops during your bath or after your bath or shower.


After a bush walk allow yourself the time to soak in a bath with my Sweet Orange Blossom Bath Soak. A good time to do this is in the evening so that you can fall asleep better. Having a bath soak will release tense muscles and the scent of pure essential oils will give an amazing boost to your health and wellbeing as well. It's all natural and really healthy.

I place a candle and burn it while having a bath. My new ceramic candles are so beautiful and I just love them. I hope you will love them too. My friend Susan has made them specially for Busy Bee Blossom. They're suitable anywhere in your home, not just the bathroom. They come in blossom scents of Rose Geranium and Bergamot, Lavender and Mint or Bergamot and Banksia.


Some spare minutes in the day can be used to treat yourself with a face mask. My Blossom Vitamin Moisturising Mask is perfect to indulge in while having a bath or reading a book. Apply a small amount to your face or body and kick back a while. Sweet Almond and Jojoba oil add vitamins and minerals while the clay draws out grime and impurities from pores and exfoliates to leave a beautiful clean glowing skin. Green French Argile Clay and Australian White Clay are wonderful for gentle exfoliation. The steam of the bath helps to keep the mask from becoming too tight while it draws out impurities. I like to enjoy having this mask about once a week. I find it really lifts my skin tone while pores are visibly lessened. Rinse off the mask with a warm moistened cotton face cloth to get an additional gentle massage.


A candle can also be useful while meditating or relaxing. If meditation is difficult to do then try some relaxed breathes in and out for a few minutes while lying still on the floor with some soft pillows. Close your eyes and take long, slow relaxed breaths in and then out, for five to ten minutes. We all need some time out for ourselves!


And last but not least is washing with soap and letting the bubbles lather on your hands and in your fingers. That’s fun and also moisturising as my Cleansing Bars are made with all organic coconut, sunflower and olive oil. The clay draws and exfoliates while you lather up. Natural glycerine is present for additional moisture.

I hope that these ideas will bring a smile and some me-time to you.

Relax and be happy!
Smiley in the sky knows how to relax and be happy!

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