Merry Christmas from Busy Bee Blossom

Updated: Nov 15

Thank you to all my wonderful customers that have supported me throughout the year. Hi to my new friends and customers I made at my Woodstock Artisan, Summer Hill Flour Mill Market stalls and online shop. It’s been a challenging year with lots of changes and disruption to deal with. I hope you will have a relaxing and wonderful Christmas time. If you can’t travel at the moment I’m sure you will be able to some time soon. For me it’s time to reflect on past travel adventures and enjoy some time off locally to bush walk and just catch up on projects. I will read Amongst Sisters by Amanda Foxon-Hill and explore ideas and concepts of beauty. We’re all beautiful in our own way. I love the concept of simplicity in face and body products and natural skincare. I will explore new ideas like crafting cleansing bars incorporating finely ground West Australian Sandalwood The beach is calling too and I’m looking forward to diving into the cool waves. I’ll be heading home to relax in my Sweet Orange Blossom Bath Soak and taking some time out to slather on my Blossom Vitamin Moisturising Mask.

Love and best wishes from Louise at Busy Bee Blossom.

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