Lavender in Skincare - how to use it and it's benefits

Updated: Feb 22

Lavender Tattoo Balm by Busy Bee Blossom for all natural soothing, calming skincare. 100% Australian made and owned.
Lavender Tattoo Balm by Busy Bee Blossom


I love lavender. Lavender is age old and gets it’s name in Latin from “lavare” or to wash or bathe. That’s something I love to do so no wonder I love it so much. It has a clean, bright, floral, minty and herbaceous scent. It has a beautiful purple blue flower that bees love to go to. Another reason why I love it so much!

I use lavender in quite a few of my products. The essential oil is one of the gentlest of all. But still potent and full of benefits. Lavender helps to relieve acne, skin infections and nappy rash. The essential oil becomes available from steam distillation of the flowering tops. The lavender flower holds a tiny seed inside each flower. Try crushing it between your fingers to release the beautiful aroma of lavender. I love to put lavender flowers in a bath and swirl them around to release their scent. Lavender helps to calm and provides a sense of serenity.

Lavender Eye Pillow by Busy Bee Blossom filled with lavender and linseed to help you relax
Lavender Eye Pillow - perfect for relaxation

I am in the process of making yoga lavender eye pillows that will be available soon. In each pillow there is a small quantity of lavender petals. Relax at the end of your yoga or pilates session by placing the pillow over your eyes. They are also helpful for the relief of migraine.

I will also have available soon a new Cleansing Bar in Lavender and Mint. This batch will have beautiful organic coconut, sunflower and olive oils. And a swirl of Australian Pink Clay. It will be bright and cheery with the nice scent of lavender and mint too. The Australian Pink Clay will provide a gorgeous colour. Plus the added benefit of gentle exfoliation while drawing out impurities. The organic oils cleanse and moisturise deeply. Perfect for your everyday cleansing routine, particularly in these difficult times. Try it with one of my ceramic soap dishes so that it can air dry and keep on lasting.

I am a little biased in loving my products as I have put a lot of effort into every one of them. But I do love my Sandalwood and Lavender Body Cream. It has a luxurious feel and smoothness. It spreads easily and provides beautiful moisture. Apply it to damp skin after a bath or shower for the best result. The base oil is cosmetic grade grapeseed oil. This provides a light moisturising base. Grapeseed oil has vitamin and mineral content that is available for your skin to absorb. Lavender essential oils pairs well with other essential oils like Sandalwood. Sandalwood is a precious essential oil with a woody, exotic and balsamic scent. It has many benefits as a skincare ingredient including:

  • relief of eczema and

  • dry skin conditions.

My Lavender Tattoo Balm uses lavender as the hero ingredient. Cocoa and Shea butters help relieve itchy, dry skin conditions. Use it on your Tattoo to keep the colour vibrant. The butters deeply moisturising skin. My balm is also a wonderful treatment for nappy rash and other dry, itchy skin issues. It fits nicely in the back pocket of your jeans to go anywhere.

In my candles

For relaxation try a soy coconut candle in Lavender and Mint. I use my candles in my home in the bathroom and living room and to bring a lovely fragrance through the house. Lavender brings a sense of calm while uplifting your spirit. While COVID lurks about I burn a coconut soy candle to uplift and try to bring some positivity home.

In my joy and happiness

I love to bring joy and happiness to you and your family. I hand create all my products with beautiful, natural botanical oils. I make small batches to keep it fresh. I'm wholly Australian owned and online or at local artisan market stalls. Get some nice products now!

Love from Louise.

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