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Updated: Jun 14

I love making things. This time I have I made some calico gift bags so that your products present beautifully and arrive looking their best. This sides up with being sustainable and re-usable wherever possible. It’s much better to re-use packaging so your gift will keep on giving.

When you open your Australia Post package you will find my products wrapped in gift paper and popped into one of my handmade calico bags.

Calico is a tough cotton material and its very versatile with many uses in the home.

Here are some ideas to try after you’ve unwrapped your products:

· Cleansing bars can be left to air dry in the calico bag on a hook in the bathroom.

· Soak oats in boiling water in a calico bag and leave to cool to tepid and use as a face mask.

· Bring your Persian Rose Repair Body Cream in a calico bag to the pool to use after a swim.

· Bring your Cleansing Bar in a calico bag to the pool or gym to get clean afterwards.

· As a peg bag on your clothes line

· For dog treats and toys while walking the dog.

· For packing carrot sticks and snacks to take to school.

· For the boy’s marble collection

· Or a girl’s shell collection.

· Guitar picks and tuners.

Just some silly ideas for re-using and re-purposing things in a throw away world!I hope you will like them.

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