Frequently asked questions answered about Botanical Skincare

Updated: Mar 27

What’s the first thing you do when looking at a new product?

Well sometimes you put your nose to the product and drink in the scent! Smell is a very important starting point. Take for instance my Tattoo Balm. The immediate scent that emerges from an opened tin is lavender spike oil. This is a beautiful scent that has a minty undertone that takes you away on a holiday. Lavender has a clear, floral and herbaceous aroma. Not only that it's helpful in soothing irritated skin.

How does it feel?

My Persian Rose Repair Body Cream has a gorgeous scent when the jar is first opened. When you rub a small amount into your skin the scent will come to life. Your body temperature will help to intensify the scent. During the course of the day you may forget that it’s on your skin. The scent will normalise with your sense of smell, but an admirer may well notice it!

Persian Rose Repair Body Cream deeply moisturises all day long. A small amount will go a long way. Feels amazing!

And then you may ask for some more information about the product.

You may ask yourself if is it reasonably priced?

Botanical and essential oils can be quite costly and this is for one reason due to its concentrated form. Another reason is the extraction of the essential oil.

Rose Otto essential oil is semi-precious commodity. It takes thousands of rose petals to make a small quantity of essential oil.

Rose Otto is hand-picked in the morning before the sun becomes too hot so the petals are at their peak. Roses are grown in distinct regions of the World where the industry has originated. I use Rose Otto grown in Bulgaria where the essential oil is extracted in time honoured ways.

Rose Otto is pure so you can expect to have a superior base ingredient in my Persian Rose Repair Body Cream.

Is it just what you were looking for in Botanical Skincare?

My range of botanical skincare offers unique and mind-blowing base ingredients. Take for example Aloe Vera – it’s very soothing on your skin. I use it in my Cleansing Bars. Aloe Vera leaves store water in their cells. Aloe Vera can help to keep our skin clean and hydrated. And Aloe is one of the active ingredients in my Blossom Vitamin Moisturising Mask. Or Kakadu Plum which is very high in Vitamin C.

A small amount of essential oil can have a big impact. It is worth remembering that a little is all you need to go a long way. The right quantity of essential oil can have healing benefits for your body.

Other products highlight a natural ingredient on the package. But does it come from a natural source? For example, Mineral oil has it's origin in petroleum. It's quite cheap to manufacture and is quite OK. But my preference is for botanical oils which are superior in my eyes.

At Busy Bee Blossom I use time tested natural botanical oils and organic ingredients. They have stood the test of time and science.

Does this product contain the latest super ingredients?

Some super ingredients have been around already for ages. Like AHA peels can be simply achieved at home by natural fruit acid peels. There’s nothing magic about it but marketing tactics make it sound like a miracle. Try cut papaya skin placed on your face to get a wonderful face lift without chemicals! If you're looking for a natural and simple face mask try my Blossom Vitamin Moisturising Mask. It's a combo for super moisturisation, drawing and exfoliation. Take a few spoonfuls and apply to damp skin and relax. Let it work it's magic for 10 to 20 minutes and gently wipe away with my Handmade Organic Cotton Muslin Face Cloth.

How will I know if these products are safe and best?

It's up to everyone to read and understand the ingredients label. There are international standards to show the INCI name on a products label. Each of my products list all ingredients in order of quantity from largest to smallest. All base ingredients are safe and non-toxic and listed online for you to see.

Botanical and essential oils need to be fresh. Your nose will know if an oil is out of date and in which case the product will not be as effective as one made fresh. At Busy Bee Blossom I hand make my product in small batches ready for market and my online store. Fresh is the best way to go!

My products that use Organic base ingredients come with a Certificate of Analysis. This ensures that there are:

  • no pesticides in farming

  • no genetically modified farming

You can be sure of the raw material Organic certification. I use an asterix where the ingredient is ACO/USDA Certified Organic. My raw materials have a Certificate of Quality Assurance too.

Are these products in keeping with minimising waste?

Yes, they sure are! I take pride in minimal packaging. It hurts the Earth too much to throw away stuff without a care for its impact. Try my re-usable amber glass jars after you’ve used it anywhere in your home.

Are my products Cruelty Free?

Pets are our friends too. That’s why pure base and essential oils in my products are not tested on animals. There is no need to because time has tested and proven them to be super effective. I care about the environment and animals.

Where is Busy Bee Blossom?

I am an online store. I have regular markets at Woodside Artisans Market, Flourmills Market and Footprints Ecofestival. That's me in the pic. I am also happy for you to pop in by appointment and have a coffee and browse at my place. call or email and I'd be happy to answer your questions.

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