How are ceramic candles with soy wax made?

Updated: Mar 27

Something nice but different

Here at Busy Bee Blossom we have been collaborating with local ceramic artist Susan Fahd. We have been throwing ideas together and wonderful works are in the making right now. It starts with an idea, then a sketch and then the shaping and testing to see how the vessel will look and function. It’s a slow process of crafting and working the clay. Sometimes, if it’s not to her satisfaction then it’s back to the drawing board. It's such an enjoyable process. When the clay pot is dry enough after shaping the pot is glazed and left to dry some more. Firing happens at Glaze Galleria Pottery Studio where like-minded potters and ceramic artists share a communal workspace. Its another local treasure full of amazing works in progress and a great place for this creative outlet. Their kilns fire to between 1000 to 1260 degrees Celsius depending on the product being fired. Clay that has been kiln fired is changed from a soft and putty like form to a permanent and durable, beautiful object. The glaze forms a glass like surface on the vessel making a special one of a kind strong object that’s hand made by a skilled artisan. Susan has put together some information for you to learn how our ceramic candle jars with soy wax are made.

The Ceramic process

I enjoy hand building with clay which involves techniques such as pinch pot, coil and slab. I love the tactile nature of the clay and the process involved. Creating something that has been sourced from the earth and turned into a unique piece can be rewarding. Each item offers subtle variations in form, glaze and design. Almost every potter has described their handmade work as “perfectly imperfect”. My interest in ancient history has also been an influence in my pottery making - hand building is the earliest forming method. My Instagram page shows my work which has been influenced by ancient pottery.

The clay I use is stoneware as it is the strongest and most durable after it has been kiln fired to 1260c. I enjoy working with different types of clay, from smooth porcelain to textured speckled clay. The variety leads to interesting and individual results. The glazes I use are food safe making the pots perfectly functional. The resilience of stoneware pottery allows for a variety of uses and I look forward to making items which will complement the Busy Bee Blossom range. There will be lovely little pinch pots, soap dishes inspired by nature, trinket dishes and more so please check back soon to have a look.

I am very excited to be a part of Busy Bee Blossom, I am a big fan of their beautiful range which inspires us to unwind and rejuvenate.

Ceramic Stoneware Eco friendly candles with soy wax
Selection of Ceramic Candles with soy wax

Looking ahead

It’s exciting to have Susan on board. I have been looking for beautiful objects to compliment my skincare and candles with soy wax range. It fits in with my love of simple, beautiful and individual yet different. Our ceramic candles with soy wax are just that as well as being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They are filled with blossom scented coconut and soy wax, in Rose Geranium and Bergamot, Bergamot and Banksia or Lavender and Mint. The best wicks are used which have natural cotton, self-trimming braid perfect for coconut soy wax candles. My candles with soy wax will burn for 15 to 20 hours and can be re-purposed as a tea cup, vessel or jar.

I hope that you will love the colour and durability of my pretty candle with soy wax jars. For local returning shoppers we are happy to refill and for you to re-use them.

Other ceramic works in progress are cleansing bar (soap) dishes, cinnamon sugar scrub jars and much more. It’s very exciting to bring these ideas to life and we look forward to hearing from you.

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