All the Nasties - have you read your skincare label ingredient list?

Updated: Feb 5

Botanical oils that make a simple and effective difference.
What's in your skincare product? Read the ingredient list and understand.

Ingredients List

Did you know that there are hundreds of chemicals in face and body products that we use each day? It’s true that there are statutory requirements placed on product labels. Ingredients must meet industry tests and standards. And we can't do without some of them. In fact chemicals are everywhere in nature and don't have to cause harm to us. But it’s up to us to read the product label and undertsand what's in our skincare. Do you understand each ingredient in your body product?

Take a look at this ingredient found in a body creams available here in Australia and overseas.


In Australia parabens are used in cosmetics as an antimicrobial preservative. In USA Methylparaben was the most frequently identified, being found in:

  • 64% of leave-on personal care products

  • 60% of baby care products and

  • 39% of rinse-off personal care products.

Predicted Environmental Concentration studies in Sydney have found parabens in waterways as they disperse from urban water and stormwater drainage systems. These chemicals also have an impact on marine aquatic life.

Parabens can absorb into your skin, even though they have low acute toxicity. This study indicates parabens have very weak oestrogenic activity in people.

That’s where botanical oils come to the rescue. Protect yourself from sensitivities by switching to botanical and organic products. Botanical oils have a long history of beauty care. Olive oil, used to promote glossy hair, has been around for centuries . So read the labels on your beauty products with care. Our skin absorbs up to 60 percent of whatever we put on it. Think of a nicotine patch!

Botanical skincare

The best way to look after your skin is to use botanical skin and body care products. And maintain a healthy lifestyle in both body and mind.

Persian Rose Repair Body Cream is my favourite natural skincare product. I create Persian Rose Repair Body Cream here in Summer Hill, NSW. The ingredients are quality, simple and pure. I use Rose Otto (Bulgarian) essential oil for it's exquisite scent and a touch of romance. The preservative is all natural too – parfum is an organic and superior preservative. My base ingredients come from a local, Australian supplier. Ingredients are quality controlled and certified. No harm to animals too. Plus, it’s good for your skin.

Rose Otto essential oil:

  • promotes skin cell regeneration

  • is a gentle antiseptic

  • a mild astringent and

  • uplift spirits, makes you feel good.

  • a semi-precious oil

Rose Otto oil is suitable for all skin types. It's especially good for mature, sensitive and environmentally damaged skin.


If you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies you can do a simple skin patch test before applying. Take a small amount and dab on the inside of your elbow and wait 24 hours to see if redness or irritation occurs. The ingredients in Persian Rose Repair Body Cream are unlikely to cause irritation. All ingredients have a long history of use in body care.

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