Louise from Busy Bee Blossom


I am a mother of two boys, one has passed, leaving us all sad to see him go.

I love to cook, play guitar and drink coffee.

Seeing nature in all its beautiful colours on a bush walk.

A believer in quality and the perfectness of blossom scents and botanical oils for my skin.

A life long learner with an urge to find out what works best through reading and science.

A lover of Australian owned and made enterprise.

I eat too much chocolate and don’t play guitar enough (one day I may reach my goals!).

Just keeping busy at what I love.

Louise, Busy Bee Blossom

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My Story

I dreamt of a business that was kind and intelligent, that drew on the feminine aspects of my personality. I’ve always been an avid reader. I have always been seeking knowledge and understanding of natural skincare. And I have especially held a deep inquisitiveness for botanical and essential oils.

Natural skincare has been a special interest to me. I wanted to know more about the ingredients used in skincare. Some products were making big promises about a star ingredient. But in reality the star ingredient is at the end of the ingredient list. And that means it isn’t used much at all in in the product. For example, Argan Oil is a superstar ingredient, but big brands only use a little in their product. Some very expensive labels carry a hefty price point. But are they a good fit? In some cases there's no proof of the ingredients properties.

I wanted to understand how to answer these questions. I completed a course at New Directions Australia on Cosmetic Chemistry. It has given me a good grounding in understanding the science of skincare. It also has given some great insights into cosmetic efficacy. Courses in Aromatherapy have also backed up my years of reading and interest in the subject. It's good to experiment and record the making of a new product. And then to test for efficacy. Its important to improve products over time. It’s a great creative outlet too!

But as time has ticked by I am loving botanical and essential oils as the base ingredients for my products. Preservatives are important to keep the shelf life of products. I choose to use organic preservatives. Its very important to use the right proportion of preservative in products. And essential oils too so as not to over sensitise.

I use my products every day to be sure of their safety and efficacy. I love botanical and essential oils as the base ingredients for my products. They are jam packed with vitamins and minerals. They absorb into my skin and have a low comedogenic rating so that they do not clog my pores.

Market Stalls have been a great way to learn from customers. It’s a great creative outlet sharing ideas with creative people from other Market stalls. Customers enjoy the smell of candles and essential oils warmed in the sunshine. Curiosity draws them near to feel and smell. It’s nice to chat with my customers and hear their thoughts. My regular is at Woodstock Artisans Market.

My vision is to use sustainable packaging. I use glass wherever possible and cardboard boxes for safe travel in the post. I don’t want my products to be another landfill item when their finished. Amber glass jars also help to preserve the oils from sunlight which can shorten their life. I don't use palm oils or petrolatum ingredients. They’re cheap and not sustainable.

Natural skincare is for everyone. And it's backed by science too. I love it. I hope you will too!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

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